What Is The Intentional Prosperity™ System?

The Intentional Prosperity™ System 3.0 is a practical application of a profoundly simple and immutable "law of life".

You will be guided step by step into an immediately useful understanding of what causes your day-to-day life to be the way it now is.

Then you will be introduced to a simple procedure and tool with a powerful effect. The more you use it the more profound will be the results!

This procedure used in combination with a proprietary tool will enable you to apply what you've learned and begin to create the life you should be living!

The Intentional Prosperity™ System utilizes a combination of online training plus the uniquely-timed introduction of a proprietary "tool" specially customized to work only for you.

Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0 will give you what you need to change your life!

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From the "Passion Unlocks Prosperity" series:

Prosperity: The Freedom To Succeed Or Fail


When I was working on "The Intentional Prosperity™ System" I really had to think about how I was going to define prosperity.

I mean, this is a loaded word! It means something very different to each and every one of us. For some people, it refers to having money and living the good life. For others it can actually bring up a great deal of resentment and bad feelings.

This is because of personal issues and the kind of day to day struggle which is the antithesis of what most of us would probably equate with prosperity.

The definition I came up was simple and to the point:

Never having to deny yourself anything that is good for you and good for those you love and care about.

You see, the term "good" is something each one of us defines differently. Obviously what is good for one person may not be good for another person.

Thankfully the framers of the US constitution understood this and guaranteed it's citizens "the right to pursue happiness". This created a national culture which indulged and empowered individuals to follow their dreams and if they so choose, they can personally define what their idea of prosperity would look like and feel like.

For over two hundred years the pursuit of happiness has been tied to individuals finding and following their passion... and in many instances we citizens of the world have all benefited from this unique trial and error system which enables individuals to succeed as well as fail.

Having the freedom to fail, pick yourself up and then try again may be the ultimate definition of an abundance mind set...

I have always equated the freedom to try different things as the true measure of my prosperity. Being able to change the direction of my life, because following my passion opened me to new ideas, desires and experiences.

When I decided to launch my own record label and publishing company a few years ago, I did not first have to get "permission" from any authority to do so...And I didn't have to pay a bribe to anyone to look the other way... My partner and I just went about the trial and error process of inventing and creating a new business!

What a fantastic thing it is to be able to take an idea, nurture it and let it grow in your imagination over time until it literally begins to ignite more and more passion every time you think about it...

As we unleashed our passion it seemed to create a fire which ignites the inspiration that fueled our day to day activities. This is how we created the sustaining energy we needed to accomplished what we dreamed we wanted to do.

The freedom to be able to do this, understanding and practicing the process involved with making dreams a reality; This is really being prosperous!

The freedom to succeed or fail at doing what you love!

You know what? If you are in fact doing what you love because you are following your passion your chances for failure are greatly minimized. I call it the principal of the honest mistake. What it comes down to is this:

You are never punished or put at a disadvantage because you made an honest decision based upon faulty information. Ask anyone who has succeeded following their passion and they will acknowledge and verify how this amazing phenomenon worked magic in their own lives.

You can base an honest decision (pure intent) on completely faulty information (I've done this many times haven't you?) and through an amazing unexplained sequence of events you are shown (within the context of those situations) what the faulty information was and given a chance to adjust...And still reach and achieve the goals you wanted to!

I cover this amazing phenomenon: "The principle of an honest mistake" in detail - in "The Intentional Prosperity ™ System" an interactive online learning system that explores the universal law of intentional expectancy... Find more information here...

-Bob Baran

The day you run out of excuses

is the day your life changes...


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