What Is The Intentional Prosperity™ System?

The Intentional Prosperity™ System 3.0 is a practical application of a profoundly simple and immutable "law of life".

You will be guided step by step into an immediately useful understanding of what causes your day-to-day life to be the way it now is.

Then you will be introduced to a simple procedure and tool with a powerful effect. The more you use it the more profound will be the results!

This procedure used in combination with a proprietary tool will enable you to apply what you've learned and begin to create the life you should be living!

The Intentional Prosperity™ System utilizes a combination of online training plus the uniquely-timed introduction of a proprietary "tool" specially customized to work only for you.

Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0 will give you what you need to change your life!

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Your Purpose

When people say "something's missing" or "I want to find my purpose" what they are saying on a deeper level is that they instinctively know their current day-to-day reality is out of synch with their higher self.

And what causes this instinctive feeling?

Not feeling happy - not experiencing joy - having no passion for what they are doing and the life they are living. Trying to convince yourself day after day that you have to be doing what you're doing because you believe you have no other alternative.

Denying the truth

You're feelings don't lie. They are the most powerful feedback mechanism at your disposal. Your feelings let you know from moment to moment whether or not your "now" experience is in synch with who you really believe you are...

We bring so many different reasons why we can't do anything different to the table of life and then complain about having to eat the same old gruel for every meal. What you eat at your next meal is your choice.

What you do with the time allotted to you is also your choice. You must remember: You can only create a future from the foundation of what you're focusing on right now.

What you think about most of the time will always be what you will experience tomorrow.

-Bob Baran

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