What Is The Intentional Prosperity™ System?

The Intentional Prosperity™ System 3.0 is a practical application of a profoundly simple and immutable "law of life".

You will be guided step by step into an immediately useful understanding of what causes your day-to-day life to be the way it now is.

Then you will be introduced to a simple procedure and tool with a powerful effect. The more you use it the more profound will be the results!

This procedure used in combination with a proprietary tool will enable you to apply what you've learned and begin to create the life you should be living!

The Intentional Prosperity™ System utilizes a combination of online training plus the uniquely-timed introduction of a proprietary "tool" specially customized to work only for you.

Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0 will give you what you need to change your life!

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From the "Passion Unlocks Prosperity" series:

Making Money

There is a lot of hype on the internet about making money...

Look, anyone willing to take the time to figure out what people want can make money by selling it to them...This is not some kind of hidden secret, it's the way people have always made money. The real challenge is making money doing something you love!

The real challenge is finding your passion and then earning an income following your passion ...making money doing something you love .

Now that's something a lot of us could wrap ourselves around if only we knew how. On this web site I've gone to great lengths providing a wealth of information about how to find your passion and follow your passion. I thought it was time to say a few words about making money!

The problem many of us have (about doing what we love) is we do it because we love it. Not because someone is paying us. It's a heart-felt thing, not a monetary thing. When it's a heart-felt thing we pretty much do what we love for our own satisfaction.

When you take what you love to do and turn it into a money making concern, several things are going to change.

First and foremost, you will have to please your customer as well as yourself. In some cases, you may find yourself in a situation where pleasing your customer comes at the expense of pleasing yourself!

Ask anyone who has transformed an interest or a hobby they loved into a money making business. You are going to find that compromising on the very things which bring you joy may become part of the trade-off you will have to be willing to make.

Should you follow your passion on a full time basis?

Don't dismay!... An occasional situation which forces you to think out of the box or "go in a different direction", in order to please a customer, might prove to be the best thing that could happen to you! It can open up new opportunities you may never have considered which are full of the fuel (of new possibilities) to keep the fire of passion burning brightly!

In my own case, my passion is music. Back in the day, when I was a young man, there were fewer ways to have a career in music than there are today. Frankly, I had played the bar scene, toured on the road and did all of that stuff early on.

I guess you could say I hit the "been there done that" point with those ways of making money for a working musician. But making money playing my music was what I wanted to do. So I invented a way that would let me do it!

Inventing your own money making mechanism

One of my other passions was audio recording. What I ended up doing (almost 30 years ago) was setting up a recording studio, recording other people's music and producing audio projects for clients. Pretty soon I didn't have a lot of time to record other people because my own projects I was working on began taking up all of my time.

Well, a couple of interesting things happened: Suddenly I had the money which allowed me to purchase the finest recording equipment in the world...And I had unlimited access to my own world-class recording studio. So I would go in at night and just work on my own music... One thing led to another and I was making money creating original music for commercials, videos and film!

I got so good at it I was placed on the prestigious "List of recommended creative resources" by the National Association of Broadcasters as one of the top 50 radio producers in the United States!

Chances are you may have heard one of my jingles or commercials..

I even recorded and produced several segments for National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition"! I was firing on all cylinders! All of my passions were being nurtured and fulfilled and I was making money doing it! And it happened in a way I never would have imagined!

I was determined to follow my passion, but I had to choose a path that (at that point in time) was very different than the "model" most musicians thought they had to follow in order to make a living playing music.

What this comes down to is this:

If I had restricted myself to considering "playing live" as the only option open to me, I would have had a real hard time of it. For one thing I had already done it and wasn't really interested in rehashing and reliving those old experiences.

I had to come up with something that would allow me to continue to do the "essence" of what I loved, which in my case was composing music, recording and producing it as well as performing it...and that's what happened.

Is it possible for you to be able to follow your passion once you have found it?

Absolutely! You'll have to let yourself think out of the box and get to the real underlying "essence" of what it is you love to do. Once you've discovered that "essence" you are going to be able to see where certain activities enable and support that "essence".

These will be activities you will enjoy and want to do and will make money too.

-Bob Baran

The day you run out of excuses

is the day your life changes...


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