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From the "Passion Unlocks Prosperity" series:

Following Your Passion

From and early age, you're routinely taught to put following your passion on hold.

You were admonished to concentrate on the serious undertaking of getting a "real" job...and not to waste time following your passion. The advice I got:

"Get a degree in business!... or something that will guarantee a job"

Of course there are a few people who actually have a passion for the vocations their degrees assure them. As I recall however, for myself and most of my friends, choosing a career path had more to do with job availability and income than it did with actually having a passion for the activity.

Following your passion wasn't part of the equation. You had to choose a career! Plan your life...Get it together!

It's like being forced into an arranged marriage, instead of marrying for love. Except that over time, you seldom "learn to love" your job. Instead, you suffer through it and tolerate it.

Passion is about following your heart

For some people, making a living is nothing more than an exchange of time for money. I experienced this first-hand when I worked in an automobile assembly plant for a few weeks. This took place about two years after my "music touring" days had come to an end.

My passion was music but I now found myself married and faced with the reality of earning a "dependable" income. So I put my passion away because it was time to get "serious".

At first the job I had was kind of a challenge

I had to put on two motor mounts each minute on the big V-8 engines as they passed by my station. After about the second day I got the hang of it. By the third day I was counting engines so I knew when the break time was coming.Then lunch. The last break.Then the last engine of the day! This was my working life day after day.

I was a young married man at the time and was grateful for the job...but it began to scare me. I looked around and was surrounded by people who were doing similar repetitive jobs for 10, 15, 20 years or more. What I didn't see was anyone who had a passion for what they were doing! I lasted about 6 weeks.

The big lesson I learned from that experience was the people I worked with were trading time for money. Many were grateful for the jobs they had. I believed otherwise. In fact, I spent more time daydreaming about all the other things I could be doing than at any other time in my life.

That job was best place I ever had to seriously think about finding and following my passion.

My desire to follow my heart led me to make a fateful decision one day about finding out what my passion was.

About ten minutes into the new shift I quit and walked off the line... I've been self-employed ever since. Passion has fueled many adventures in my life. Quitting that job was a personal declaration of independence. I didn't know how at the time, but I knew I could do better for myself.

I followed my heart and walked away...

Six months later I followed my passion moving my family to Bloomington, IN. I was accepted into the Indiana University School of Music in Jazz Studies. My last solo piano album went to the Grammy's in 4 categories and hit #10 on the Billboard New Age Catalog Chart.

Yes, it all really happened.

-Bob Baran

The day you run out of excuses

is the day your life changes..


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