What Is The Intentional Prosperity™ System?

The Intentional Prosperity™ System 3.0 is a practical application of a profoundly simple and immutable "law of life".

You will be guided step by step into an immediately useful understanding of what causes your day-to-day life to be the way it now is.

Then you will be introduced to a simple procedure and tool with a powerful effect. The more you use it the more profound will be the results!

This procedure used in combination with a proprietary tool will enable you to apply what you've learned and begin to create the life you should be living!

The Intentional Prosperity™ System utilizes a combination of online training plus the uniquely-timed introduction of a proprietary "tool" specially customized to work only for you.

Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0 will give you what you need to change your life!

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Bob Baran Talks About
Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0

The following is a transcript from a recent interview with Bob Baran discussing how he came to create the new 3.0 version of Intentional Prosperity™

I'm here with Bob Baran. Bob, why did you literally remake Intentional Prosperity™ into the new 3.0 version?

The simple answer is there are way too many unhappy people who feel powerless to change their lives... For many even the idea of prosperity seems out of reach since the "great recession".

During the last three or so years I've personally experienced several major breakthoughs. I'm talking about the most efficient and effective ways to use Intentional Prosperity™. I've actually been able to accellerate change - you know, make things happen faster.

It's the way those things happen that seems miraculous! I know it works. In my case I was literally able to step out of my old life and into a brand new life. I'm living proof of the power of Intentional Prosperity™.

I've tested a radically new technique and tool with others who's own successes verify it's not some kind of fluke. Now I'm ready to share a new much more streamlined and easier to use Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0 with others.

What about Intentional Prosperity™ 2.0 ?

The first version was created in 2007, then revised to 2.0 in 2008. It set forth a compelling philosophy and application which is still the basis of the new 3.0.

So what led directly to version 3.0?

Simply put, the way I personally used the information in version 2.0 and the dramatic effects it made in my life allowed me to greatly simplifiy - you know, get the to essence of what really worked.

Does that mean the information in 2.0 isn't valid?

Not at all. The time I took to analyze and organize the ideas, philosophy and techniques into the original version of Intentional Prosperity™ and then refined into version 2.0 gave me the foundation for being able to take certain "short cuts".

Short cuts?

It's like moving to a new town. At first you learn how to get from where you live to the supermarket. In time you might discover a different quicker route from where you live to the market. The same thing applies to something like understanding how to use Intentional Prosperity™.

Because I had to rely on the principles of Intentional Prosperity™ to face the changing situations of my own life I was able to "connect the dots" in different ways. I found short cuts.

The events of my life forced me to discover an entirely new way to make things happen in my life. Simple techniques I found myself using over and over again because they gave me real measuable results.

This streamlined my understanding of how Intentional Prosperity™ works and resulted in the breakthrough technique and tool you'll find in version 3.0. To get the benefits of Intentional Prosperity™ in your life no longer requires you to take 24 online lessons. Now there are only six easy to understand video lessons and of course the new technique and tool.

A lot of what you learn in 3.0 is how to use the new technique and tool which unleashes the power of Intentional Prosperity™ in your life...

Kind of like flipping on a lightswitch and having the light go on doesn't require you to know the science and physics of electricity?


You tell a very compelling story about ending your life in Montana and stepping into your new life in California.

I don't want to go into a lot of detail right now but you'd better believe I experienced what many would call the "dark night of the soul". At one point in 2009 everything in my life just seemed to fall apart and collapse.

How is that possible if you were creator of Intentional Prosperity™?

I asked myself the same question many times during those awful days. Looking back it was the inevitable result of the journey I began in 2007.

You can't expose yourself to life changing information without it eventually changing your life! In retrospect, I now know my understanding of Intentional Prosperity was more from a left brain rational place.

There was a war going on deep in my subconcious mind. My "self protection" mechanism still operating from my childhood programming was doing everything it coud to protect the "old me". Even though I was conciously trying to live by the principles of Intentional Prosperity™.

I remember saying to my former wife:

"Something's wrong, something isn't working right in our life..."

I became increasingly overreative, emotional, anxious. Life just wasn't working. This was really nerve-raking because of my organizing and assimilating the "philosophy and rationale" of Intentional Prosperity™.

Then out of left field the worst possible thing...


I wake up one morning like millions of other Americans to find out our financial system was a few days away from collapsing! I didn't know what to do, who did? None of us had any control over those forces now in play that were suddenly affecting the financial future of all of us.

This added to the stress I was already experiencing... I honestly tried everything I could think of to keep it together. The stress and my emotional state was more than my wife could take. She left a few months later in July 2009.
I can still remember how devastating it was to go to the mailbox and find the divorce papers - timed to be delivered on Christmas Eve. It was horrible. It was an astounding act of cruelty.

Less than a month later our divorce was finalized....


The profound trauma of events leading up to my sudden divorce and the collapse of my day-to-day reality afterwords forced me to finally look into myself in a way I never had before.

In order to survive the excuciating emotional pain I was experiencing along with the rapid changes to my outer world, I really had to depend on the philosophy and techniques of Intentional Prosperity™ to save myself.

Save yourself?

Absolutely. It came down to fully realizing probably for the first time that I was the sole creator of my life. Finally, I had to take full responsibility for it.

One of the most difficult things I ever had to do was to let go of always being the victim. I had to face my P.T.S.D.. My extremely traumatic childhood had been echoing, controlling and triggering my reactions for my entire adult life.

An anxious, frightened and angry child was at the core of what had become my personality. I would overreact to situations without ever realizing it. I didn't even know what "normal" was.

The damage done to me as a child was being played out again and again throughout my life. I'm very grateful to the Cognitive-Therapist I went to see who explained what was going on and why. I was simply filtering and reacting to my day-to-day life from early childhood subconscious programming I had no control over.

I had to find out how to consciously change my subconscious programming.

And what did you do?

This began my journey into real healing. You could say I was pulled kicking and screaming into learning and experiencing first-hand the full transformational power of forgiveness.

Even more important, self forgiveness.

This led to the greatest discovery of my life! Forgiveness was only one of the many lessons I was about to learn. Ironically, without forgiveness nothing else I've learned would have been possible. Intentional Prosperity 3.0 wouldn't be possible.

What was that discovery?

An actual physical tool I was able to create once I understood how the subconscious processes emotions and then links it to memories. I'm talking about a life changing technique that immediately and profoundly alters the way you link your emotions to your memories.

I discovered how to make an instantaneous permanent change to your subconscious programming.

The result was a technique and a tool which immediately and permanently changes the emotions linked to a given memory. This technique and tool - what it does, why it works and how to use it - is the basis of new Intentional Prosperity™ version 3.0!

Does this have anything to do with the Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™ you talk about on your quantum transcendence™ web site?

How the Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™ came to be

Yes it is. When I created the tool in June of 2011, it was strictly for my own use. The first time I used it there was an instant change in my life and my emotional state. It was as if someone turned on the lights in a dark room! I experienced a feeling of instant relief and profound healing and an entirely new level of energy. I nick-named it "the eraser".

You see, the energy was always there. It was being used to feed the emotions linked to the memories. When I erased the link to the the memory thereby neutralizing the negative energy sucking emotion attached to it - that energy was unleashed and ready for me to use as I wished!

The first experience and the subsequent cumulative effects I had as I using the technique and tool were so immediate, powerful and life changing it was a matter of two or three weeks later I made a life altering decision:

What was the decision?

I intended and declared to change the trajectory of my life! I decided to end my life in Montana and move. I wasn't exactly sure to where, I just knew my life in Montana, was finished. It took a full year to wrap things up and make the move which turned out to be to California.

I'm convinced the technique and tool made it possible for me to remove the inner resistance allowing me to create the "intention" to move and start a new life. I had removed the resistance to believing what I intended would now become my reality.

Once I did this it seemed to open some kind of pathway in front of me as if what I needed to do became obvious. I intuitively began to follow what I was feeling and astonishing things began to happen in my life.

Like what?

Probably the biggest example is what seemed at the time like a monumental insolvable obstruction to my leaving Montana. It was solved in a manner I never could have imagined and better than I could have ever expected.

I had built a beautiful custom home on the side of a mountain just outside of Helena. When I was ready to move I contacted a couple of realtors about selling it. I was in shock when they told me the market value. I was underwater big time. To make matters worse no properties in my area had sold in the previous three years!

This was strange because I had refinanced the first mortgage at the end of 2010 and was given an appraisal at that time by the mortgage bank for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than it was now worth! This was only 18 months later and the value had plummeted dramatically...

What happened next?

I was stunned and faced with a monumental decision; Do I change my plans and stay put or trust the momentum and intuitive feeling which was propelling me forward?

Once again I trusted that somehow everything was going to work out and nothing was going to prevent me from changing my life.

What did you do?

I handed the keys to the house over to a realtor on the last day I was in Montana. He knew all I wanted was to pay off the first mortgage, the business loan attached to the house and move-on. His response was:

"Don't worry the market is changing and it's going to sell".

Of course I believed him...

So did the house sell?

Here's the miraculous part of the story:

Soon after I left he put the house on the realtor's tour - you know where all the realtors come to the house to take a look at the new listing.

No one showed up.


It was downhill from there. Maybe one potential buyer actually looked at the house during the next five weeks. I was alarmed. I knew I had to do something but I really didn't know what. I was trying to sell a unique house at the bottom of the Montana housing market. I was now living 1400 miles away in Laguna Hills, California.

About the second week in August (the house had been on the market at that point for about six weeks) I was overcome with the feeling I had to reach out to the local bank which had the business loan tied to the house.

Did you?

Yeah. I wrote a letter the the President of the bank and explained the strange situation I was experiencing marketing the house. Before I left Montana, we had talked about the reality of the housing market and what my options were. He (the bank President) had given me the original contruction loan to build the house and I had a great relationship with him and the bank that went back almost 20 years.


Well, I didn't hear anything for almost three weeks. The interesting thing is after I sent the letter I just "let go" of any concern about the house.

Then one morning I got a call from the bank President while I was vacationing in Hawaii. A telephone call that was nothing short of a miracale!

A miracale?

Absolutely. He proceeded to tell me he recievced my letter and presented it to the "board" and they decided they would offer to purchase the house from me.

The bank was going to buy the house from you?

That's right! They would pay-off the first mortgage and in exchange for me signing a trust deed over to the bank, the business loan would be considered paid in full!

That would be the end of it...

That's incredible!

It was incredible!

I got what I wanted. Both loans were paid off and I walked away clean! What happended is a matter of public record, you can look up the deed of trust.

When I think of what an impossible situation it seemed to be at the time... How it could have kept me from even moving. Obviously there was something else at work here. Banks don't "buy" houses!

I'll never forget his words to me during the last phone conversation I had with the bank President. He said:

"Good luck with your new life!"

About a year and half later in 2014 I came to find out something else incredible about that situation...

What was that?

That bank ceased to exist a little over a year after they bought my house. It was purchased and absorbed into another bank!

Somehow I was in the right place at the right time for whatever was going to happen. In retrospect, it was the perfect intersection of what I desired and the opportunity to fulfill that desire!

This is exactly how Intentional Prosperity™ is supposed to work.

You're convinced the new technique and tool played a part in this?

No question. We're talking about a series of life changing events here. It all began with me discovering how to neutralize my inner emotional turmoil. Then realizing how the incredible power of intention without subconscious resistance dramatically changed my life!

Did this lead to you becoming an NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Consulting Hypnotist?

Absolutely. I knew I was on to something profound. The "technique and tool" was having an effect on my life that defied any rational explanation. It was astonishing -amost like magic.

I decided to become a Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist in order to validate and extend my understanding of what I was doing. Having recognized credentials in the inner workings of the subconscious mind gives me another degree of credibility I'm able to bring to my clients.

You actually studied with someone you felt was at the cutting-edge of hypnosis...

Yeah, that was Cal Banyon. He is the first person to teach a specific criteria based approach to hypnotherapy. He calls it 5-PATH™. I believe his approach will one day be taught as the foundational theory and techniques of modern hypnosis. It was a privilege to learn directly from him.

Did this training give you additional abilities?

Without a doubt! My ability to do ultra deep trance and hypnotic age-regression are just some of the powerful tools I use in my advanced in-person Intentional Prosperity™ workshops and of course in my one-on-one Intentional Mastery sessions with clients.

Your own approach to deep trance hypnotherapy has its own name...

Quantum-Hypnotics™. You see aspects of it echoed in version 3.0.

If someone is interested in Intentional Prosperity™ version 3.0 what's their next step?

Click on this link and it will take you to a page with a form requesting the video: "An Introduction to Intentional Prosperity™ 3.0. You'll receive an email with a link to the video.

If you feel ready to get started with Intentional Prosperity™ go directly to the buy now page and begin your own life-changing journey.

Want to find out more about quantum-hypnotics™ and in-person
one-on-one Intentional Mastery sessions with Bob?

Click here: Quantum Transcendence™

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